Marcus and Cole escape the Reaver Pens on a Reaver.

The Reaver Pens were a section of the Royal Palace in which Reavers were kept. It was located behind the throne room, across a large bridge.


Siege of NexusEdit

The pens were discovered by Delta Squad during the Siege of Nexus. Damon Baird and Augustus Cole found them when they chased after Queen Myrrah while Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago fought Skorge. The Queen escaped them by getting aboard a Reaver, so Baird and Cole headed back toward Marcus and Dom. When they came under attack from Skorge aboard his Hydra, they fled back towards the pens, and got aboard Reavers to escape the Hollow.[1]


The Pens support Reavers, housing the vicious beasts when not in use by the Locust. They hold at least three Reavers. The pens also gave an easy escape for the Queen during the Siege of Nexus.


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