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Raven Down is a Multiplayer map, that was released after Gears of War's initial November release. It was sponsored by the Discovery Channel in promotion of their TV show "Future Weapons." In this map, there is a downed King Raven in the center along with frag grenades in the back of two pick-up trucks on opposite sides of the map. Other than the two frag grenades, there are no weapons other than the ones that you spawn with.

Elemental CleaverEdit

To get the Snow Cleaver play on horde as this only works in horde, buy the "Fire" spawn command post and the "Monument" command post, then head over to the farthest point possible in the "Train" spawn, stand in the corner and look very far out, up and left, you should see a small walkay between two buildings up high, the first snow man is in the farthest doorway on the walkway, shoot the snow man (you'll know if you hit it, it'll explode into smoke) in the doorway, then go to the "Monument" area and look to the back of it into the building, look at the second-to-left window, back up so you can see the second snow man in the window, (it's quite far back so just keep looking) shoot it, then go to the "Fire" spawn again and look far out like the first, look on the ground near the second tree down, it's right there and shoot it, then go to the "Parking Garage" and hit the garage door button, the last snow man is in here, once it's open the snow man will be standing directly in-front of you, you can shoot but you don't have to, it just turns it's head and explodes, now the cleaver is right under it, go and buy it for $900.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Design Director at Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski, mentioned he loathed Raven Down when answering a question on Twitter as to whether it would appear in Gears of War 3 as bonus content.[1]
  • This map was 1 of the Top 5 Gears of War multiplayer maps.[2]
  • Raven Down is included in the Gears of War 3 DLC Forces of Nature.[3]
  • It is inspired by the real-life event, the Battle of Mogadishu, that served as the setting for the movie "Black Hawk Down" (with the Blackhawk being the helicopter in question).



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