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Coalition of Ordered Governments

Ragani was a city located in western Kashkur, twenty klicks from Lakar.


Battle of RaganiEdit

In seventeen B.E., Kashkur was invaded by the Union of Independent Republics. Ragani came under threat due to its highway leading to Lakar, the location of the HQ for the COG 6th Brigade. The depleted forces of Howerd Company, under the command of Captain Adam Fenix, were sent to the city to prevent a column of UIR vehicles from taking the town and cutting off the Andius Fusiliers Regiment from Lakar. They evacuated the remaining citizens from the city, and repelled four UIR Armored Personnel Carriers that scouted the town. The UIR attacked in full force around four-thirty in the morning, with a Pariah Tank destroying the COG's cover. However, the Andius Fusiliers arrived and destroyed a majority of the UIR vehicles, and Ragani remained in COG hands. The city did suffer some damage to the buildings on the outskirts of the city, as well as to the bridge the UIR used to attack from.[1]


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