R&D Labs is the third chapter of the second act in Gears of War: Judgment.


You're know at the R&D Labs inside the Halvo Bay Military Academy, as soon as you enter there'll be some Grenades and the Declassified Mission will be at your right.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad claimed that poorly maintained fire suppression equipment resulted in its disorientation."

If you activate the Declassified Mission toxic fumes will affect your visibility and make it largely difficult to aim so be careful and watch out for traps as you won't be able to see Bolo or Ink Grenades.

As you enter the labs there'll be several Drones spawning from E-Holes and Kantus launching Ink and reviving their soldiers. There are several weapons at the sides and two switches that generate electric bolts which you can use to your advantage but you must make sure the Locust are at right place. There is also an automatic sentry at the middle of the workshop.

After you're done an E-Hole will appear at the right side of the lab, close it and deal with the remaining Locust. After that you'll work through the corridor until you reach a mechanized door, open it and you'll enter a workshop area with a JACK bot at the table, its restrained so you'll have to search for the button to turn it on, there'll be ammo and weapons at the workshop too.

After turning on the robot Paduk seems disappointed but Baird states that he would learn to love the "targeting beacon", however it cannot cloak at the Academy so you'll have to protect it from all attacks and follow it to the exit, after this the chapter ends.


At the right side of the lab, where the last E-Hole opened at the far corner near the bodies of some dead doctors there'll be a COG Tag at your left.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Next to Troy's harness there is an answering machine in Kurt Elliott's lab on one of the computer consoles that you can play in which Stanley Michael Polanski has left a message for Kurt talking about a technique for long-range video transmission to JACK units.[1][2]


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