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Act IV: Hive//Chapter I: Priorities

Objective: Find the slave quarters where Maria is being kept

Throughout the chapter "Priorities" you arrive at Nexus. Dom insists that Maria can be saved after hearing from a survivor that he had seen her get taken to Nexus. That becomes Dom's priority, and at first Marcus disagrees. He decides to go with him when Dom says that he is going no matter what. You then go through some short firefights until you arrive at the prison area. Jack searches the computer for Maria, and find that she is being held in the section with the 7 looking icon.

The level starts with Marcus and Dom looking for Maria. You will first board a lift, witness a cutscene, board another lift, and then arrive at an area flooded with water. Turn the handle (the words on the wall are in Seran, not the locust language) until Dom says "That did it," and then vault the wall down where the watter prieviously was. Two drones, one grenadier, and one sniper will then guard the other side of the "canals", and you will have to shoot the drone at the other handle to avoid being swept down with the water to your death. After you defeat these enemies, you will proceed to yet another lift.

After you disembark from the lift, you will see a longshot and some ammo lying on the ground. As you make your way outside, you will spawn a group of wretches and a mauler. After finishing off these enemies, you will advance towards a troika, which will cause a searchlight to spot you, and advance yet another firefight. (Note that if you watch the troika and the surrounding areas, the enemies will literally spawn out of nowhere.) The gunner is accompanied by a Sniper (far back right), a Drone with a lancer, and a Theron guard. Be careful! Because, by the terminals, a single Drone with a Hammerburst II will spawn and flank you from the left. After defeating these enemies, you engage the terminal, and advance to the next chapter, Answers.

Gears of War 2 Walkthrough
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Act 1 Welcome to Delta · Desperation · Rolling Thunder · The Big Push · Roadblocks · Digging In
Act 2 Scattered · Indigenous Creatures · Disturbing Revelations · Sinking Feeling · Captivity · Intestinal Fortitude
Act 3 Dirty Little Secret · Origins · Rude Awakening · Ascension · Displacement · Brackish Waters
Act 4 Priorities · Answers · (Dark Corners Bonus Chapter: Road to Ruin) · Hornets' Nest · No Turning Back · The Best-Laid Plans · Royal Inquisition
Act 5 Escape · Desperate Stand · Free Parking · Tenuous Footing · Closure

After the gunboat docks, keep going through until the movie starts and you find the highway. After that, keep going and fighting until you see a locust terminal. Then push the button.

COLLECTIBLE!: Where you find the terminal to move on, go to the other one and click on that.

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