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Powers That Be is the fourth chapter in Act 5: Desperation for the PC version of Gears of War. It is not available for the Xbox 360 version of the game.


They know what we're doing.

Powers That Be starts after Delta Squad leaves the buildings in Window Shopping, and they are immediately attacked by Drones and Wretches in the streets. They continue through the ruins of Timgad, being attacked by more Locust and Boomers. Once they reach the Power Station, Theron Guards join the assault, and Delta has to clear them out.

Once the outside of the Power Station is cleared, Marcus reports to Control that they have reached Timgad Central Power, and reports that they are now moving in. Marcus then orders Baird and Cole to take JACK and head right while he and Dom go through the building to get the power online.

Inside the power station, more Drones, Snipers, and Theron Guards attack and Dom and Marcus take them out. As they progress, Baird reports that the Stranded are not taking the power, but the Locust are taking the power underground. Marcus asks if he can fix it, and Baird says he can, while cursing at JACK for working on the wrong circuit, but tells them that they are going to have to turn off some panels. Dom asks what they are looking for, and Baird describes them as having green lights and valves that need turning.

Dom and Marcus enter the generator room as they are attacked by more Locust and a Boomer. As they fend off the Locust, they turn two panels off, and then Baird opens up a room for them to turn the last panel to transfer the power to Baird.

When the last panel is transferred to Baird, he realizes that there is another problem: the power levels are good, but they need to jump start the transformer's polarity. Marcus asks how can they do that, and Baird tells them they can't because they would need a full set of tools, enough grated cable to connect two transform blocks and to interrupt and manage levels. Dom asks if this means they are stuck, and Baird answers yes, and sarcastically adds, "unless you can pulls something out of your ass big enough to connect two transformers."

Marcus then asks if Baird means something big enough to connect the two things out front, and then asks Dom if he can get the Brumak to chase them. Dom says it hasn't been a problem for them so far, so Marcus tells Baird to open the back door for them. Marcus and Dom exit out the back door, ending the chapter, and starting the next chapter: Jurassic Proportions.

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