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"Okay, you're a big fella. Easy now."
JD Fenix addressing a Pouncer that had just leaped onto a car in front of him.

The Pouncer was a Swarm creature that hunted in packs. Its main hunting trait was its tail quills which it was able to release at high speeds and direct at its enemy; these quills were able to regrow very quickly. It would also use its tail to help it push off a surface to allow it to leap great distances. Whenever it was about to leap onto its prey, it would signal by emanating some sort of call.

The Pouncer also seemed to possess some sort of natural ability to hack into DeeBees via its quills, as it was able to control First Minister Jinn's DeeBee during a meeting after several quills became lodged in the mech's chassis. How the Pouncer does this is unknown.


Pouncers shoot quills from their tail in a shotgun-like manner in a horizontal spread. They jump on top of objects to get a better view of their targets, and to "pounce" on them. If you get pounced by them, you will have to fight it in a manner similar to a Chainsaw Duel. An ally can help free you from their grip.

Pouncers are moderately armored and are weak to attacks on their glowing stomach. They can also be chainsawed, provided that they have been knocked off of an ally, have attempted to pounce on an ally and that ally dodged, or the chainsaw is already revved and it pounces on you.


The Pouncer was first encountered by JD Fenix, Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker within the ruins of Fort Reval, during the Swarm crisis. It then proceeded to be a major threat during the following encounters within the Swarm nest beneath the ancient fortress city, the Tollen Dam nest, and the abandoned towns of Speyer and Tollen.


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