Plaza for the Tyran Dead is the seventh chapter of the sixth act in Gears of War: Judgment. It is also the final chapter of the first campaign of Gears of War: Judgment. It is also the final boss fight of the game.


After reaching the King Raven Baird asks Col. Loomis if he is just taking them to be shot somewhere else but before he responds the Shibboleth and Karn arrive, having survived the Lightmass Missile, and destroy the Raven, leaving the Gears only one option: to fight for their lives. Afterwards the Shibboleth will roar at you and the boss battle will begin. The Declassified should be at your left.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Col. Loomis's report denied arrival of additional elite forces during battle with supposed Locust tactician known as Karn."

Activating the mission will suppose a hard challenge because elite Locust will join the fight to defend Karn, you'll have to use all tactics against them and make sure you're not heading into a trap.

The Shibboleth will use its machine guns against you, shoot at them when they overheat until they're disabled, it will use an incendiary grenade launcher shortly afterwards, evade the fire and destroy the launcher. Don't get too close to the creature or it will use ink to suffocate you. Once you disable its guns it will crawl into a nearby and will roar into the sky, causing many Locust to burst from the ground; Cyclops, Therons and Mauler Elites will attack, take them down and beware the Shibboleth as it will come down to fight again, this time it will use its robotic leg to launch Diggers towards you, destroy the leg and finish of any remaining enemies.

The creature will crawl again and will start to launch Nemacyst like a Seeder, destroy them and wait for more enemies to arrive. Ragers and Grinders will lead the charge this time, headshot them and disable the Shibboleth's machine guns once more before they tear you apart. After finally disabling them it will start to shoot Imulsion bolts but will expose its mouth. Shoot at it until a King Raven arrives, be careful as Karn will try to shoot you with his Boltok. Once the Raven arrives keep firing until it dies. A small cutscene plays in which Col. Loomis kills Karn, drops the charges against Kilo and demotes Baird to private. Afterwards the Gears leave the scene as the COG assembles to try to recover the city. The chapter will end and you'll have completed the first campaign of Gears Judgment.


At the left side of the plaza, there'll be a Crimson Omen with the COG Tag not too far.


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