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Plaza for the Tyran Dead

The Plaza right before the battle against Karn.

"Did their duty. Perished with honor. The body dies. The deed endures. They found honor in war here a defender of the COG at last rests. Steel true. Blade straight. Departed from the dwelling of those gone before. They died so that we might live. In death. Finally, Peace."
— The engraving on the main tombs

The Plaza for the Tyran Dead was a memorial in Halvo Bay for Tyran Gears who were killed during the Pendulum Wars. The plaza had onyx slabs bearing the names of Gears who had died in famous battles, including the Siege of Anvil Gate and the Battle of Aspho Fields. During the Destruction of Halvo Bay, the Plaza was the sight of a battle between Locust and Coalition of Ordered Governments, with Col.Ezra Loomis and Kilo Squad killing General Karn. The battle caused heavy damage to the plaza, with several memorial slabs being destroyed and many more damaged.


Battle of Aspho FieldsEdit

"Heroes of the Battle of Aspho Fields."
— Opening of the memorial
"From their courage, legends will grow."
— Closing of the memorial

Battle of AutrinEdit

"Heroes of the Battle of Autrin"
— Opening of the memorial
  • Peter Budae
  • Isabelle Scemla
  • Randy Byrne
  • Sarunas Koncius
  • Peter Slycord
  • Manish Chopra
  • Yuette Kirwan
  • Paul Cannon
  • Edmund Silva
  • John Clarkson
  • Rebecca Laszlo
  • Danny Levin
  • Kurn Sutton
  • Garret Vargas
  • Gail Erickson
  • Garth Fort
  • Ron Owens
"They perished too far from home."
— Closing of the memorial
Closing of the memorial

Battle of BerephusEdit

"Heroes of the Battle of Berphus."
— Opening of the memorial
  • Aaron Painter
  • Larry Zhang
  • Mike Nash
  • Greg Winston
  • Maxim Goldin
  • Janet Galore
  • Peter Waxman
  • Johnathan Foster
  • Charolette Weiss
  • Kirk Nasson
  • Willliam Flash
  • Jelle Vissor
  • Steve Masters
  • Susanne Schustin
  • Yukark Kemmotsu
  • Jonas Brasel
  • Steve Miller
"They fought, They died, They live forever."
— Closing of the memorial

Battle of Irohma IslandEdit

"Heroes of the Battle of Irohma Island"
— Opening of the memorial
  • James Wittrell
  • Tom Perham
  • Mor Hezi
  • Ryan Ihreg
  • Barak Regev
  • Michael Greg Blythe
  • Malvin Seale
  • Daniel Brunner
  • Zak Jurmu
  • Naoki Sato
  • Cornel Lupu
  • Craig Dewar
  • Linda Timm
  • Karim Menar
  • Taylor Clark
"The body dies. The deed endures."
— Closing of the memorial

Battle of MarandayEdit

"Heroes of the Battle of Maranday"
— Opening of the memorial
  • Michael Vanderhyde
  • John Evans
  • Mike Gahrns
  • Michael Wories
  • Tad Orman
  • Robert Auten
  • Thomas Bissell
  • Matthew McGough
  • Jeff Alexander
  • Marc Johnson
  • Dan Josefson
  • Jacek Jelitto
  • Scott Rockfield
  • Tali Roth
  • Bjarne Riis
  • Chris Ashton
  • Trisha Miller
"May the sun and moon alike shine on these names"
— Closing of the memorial

Battle of RaganiEdit

"Heroes of the Battle of Ragani"
— Opening of the memorial
  • Hendrik Dey
  • Chris Preston
  • NeKeta Argrow
  • Gordon Hee
  • Peter Jersak
  • Daniel Roman
  • Graeme Roche
  • Lorrin Smith-Bates
  • Tim Toyoshima
  • Daniel Durrer
  • Anders Madsen
  • Mike Danseglio
  • Roger Lengel
  • Lolan Song
  • Francisco Chaves
  • Morten Rasmussen
  • Cassandra Hicks
"As long as we endure, they will be remembered."
— Closing of the memorial

Battle of ShavadEdit

"Heroes of the Battle of Shavad"
— Opening of the memorial
  • Jason McCue
  • Larry Waldman
  • Enrique Gil
  • John Yokim
  • Dan Park
  • Karin Zimprich
  • Yanlai Guo
  • Raymond Fong
  • Anne Wallace
  • Gareth Chan
  • Britta Simon
  • Paul Koch
  • Patrick Shortt
  • Chloe Brussard
  • Aaron Hulett
  • Prithvi Raj
  • Ben Andrews
  • Justin Erickson
"Gentle earth, rest quietly on these Gears"
— Closing of the memorial

Fall of MenduratEdit

"Heroes of the Fall of Mendurat."
— Opening of the memorial
  • Holly Holt
  • Charles Herb
  • James Allvord
  • Tanja Plate
  • Christian Hess
  • Zajnal Arifin
  • Prithivi Raj
  • Ramen Iyer
  • Miles Reid
  • Josh Barnhill
  • Orin Incandenza
  • Keith Talent
  • Sarah Jones
  • Luis Bonjfaz
  • Kevin Sario
  • Esko Sarlo
  • George Schaller
"They did their duty, they will not be forgotten."
— Closing of the memorial

Siege of Anvil GateEdit

"Heroes of the Siege of Anvil Gate"
— Opening of the memorial
  • Ranald Sander
  • Samantha Smith
  • Greg Chapman
  • Ty Carlson
  • Miguel Severino
  • Dennis Bye
  • Thomas Kerjean
  • Coleen Bracy
  • Henrik Jensen
  • Vikas Jain
  • Rodrigo Ready
  • Kai Axford
  • Patrick Hines
  • Roy Antebi
  • Ryan Calafato
  • Mathew Charles
  • Terri Chudzik
  • Isabel Martins
"They hope for nothing. They fear nothing. They are free."
— Closing of the memorial

Third Battle of the PlateauEdit

"Heroes of the Third Battle of the Plateau"
— Opening of the memorial
  • Anna Lidman
  • Oliver Szimmetat
  • Alicia Thornber
  • Bernard Duerr
  • Kim Truelsen
  • Makoto Yamagishi
  • Chris Norred
  • Preeda Ola
  • Geoff Grisso
  • B. J. Haberkorn
  • Pedro Gutierrez
  • Jeremy Nelson
  • Ming-Yang Xie
  • Miguel Garcia
  • Joy Miller
  • Peter Villadsen
  • Mandic Mirko
"Unafraid in life, undefeated in death"
— Closing of the memorial

Behind the ScenesEdit

GOWJ CourthouseVista

Concept art of the Plaza for the Tyran Dead.

  • Some character names were left out of the memorials such as Samuel K. Byrne because they would have required additional research for legal reasons, which also meant that a good number of names were swapped out.[1]



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