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"And they said you couldn't cross a fighter with a bomber..."
— Corporal Marcus Fenix watching two Petrels in flight during Operation Leveler

The Petrel Strike Fighter-Bomber was a fixed-wing, carrier-based, COG jet aircraft. It carried two massive bombs under its wings which could cause massive damage in a focused area.


During the Battle of Aspho Fields, two Petrels were launched by the CNV Merit to take out Peraspha Military Base, which held servers containing backups of Aspho Point's Hammer of Dawn research. The Petrels were destroyed by anti-air missiles fired from UIR Asp tanks before they could reach their target.[1][2] After the Asps were disabled by C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry, Merit launched its six remaining Petrels, which engaged an Ostri squadron just off the coast before making multiple successful bombing runs on the base.[3][4]

Behind the ScenesEdit

A petrel is a tube-nosed seabird.[5]


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