Hoffman's personal PDA showing the sinkhole in Jacinto City

A Personal digital assistant, or PDA for short, was a handheld computer. Serans used it for both personal and military uses.


Sinking of JacintoEdit

Col.Victor Hoffman had a PDA with a recon report on the Locust sinkhole in Jacinto City, and his response to it.[1] His PDA also reported on causalities from the 4th Infantry Division when 2nd Gamma Squad was hit by a road side bomb.[2]

Hoffman's PDAEdit

Recon tells us that a sinkhole has opened up in Jacinto. Never happened before. Great. We're sending troops ASAP to guard the perimeter of the hole, but we have no idea what size/type of force to expect.

World's already gone to hell, guess this is the handbasket part.

Col.Victor Hoffman


  1. Gears of War 2: Act 5: Aftermath: Desperate Stand

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