The Pelruan Garrison was the headquarters of the Gear detachment in Pelruan. It was commanded by Lt.Anya Stroud and Sgt.Drew Rossi. The garrison had twenty Gears, including Echo Squad, and two Armadillos attached to it.[1] The garrison was an assortment of huts that served as barracks and an administration office, as well as a signals office.[2]


Setting Up DefensesEdit

After Anya took over command of the garrison, the Gears began setting up defenses around the city. They dug trenchs, and placed razor wire around the perimeter.[3] They also built an observation post on the town's western cliff.[4]

Battle of PelruanEdit

During the Battle of Pelruan, the garrison fought off a Lambent Leviathan's attacks on the town. The town and garrison suffered little damage, and there was only one WIA Gear, Silber.[5] However, KR Three-Three, which supported the garrison soldiers during the battle, was destroyed and its crew killed.[6] After the battle ended, the Gears returned to the garrison to get some sleep.[7]


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