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Pelles was a large, highly aggressive UIR member during the Pendulum Wars which had a lukewarm alliance with the smaller Ostri Republic. The nation was a leading member in the UIR and home to large Imulsion stockpiles.


Ancient PellesEdit

Five thousand years before Emergence Day, Pelles had a voting system.[1]

Prime member of the UIREdit

During the briefing of Operation Leveler, Major Hoffman thought Ostri was going to be a staging ground to attack Pelles.[2] During the same briefing COG High Command decided by attacking Berephus city they could convince their foes that the Coalition wanted to invaded Pelles for its massive Imulsion stockpiles.[3]

COG StateEdit

Sometime after the Pendulum Wars Pelles became a COG nation, and one year after E-Day Premier Deschenko retreated from Ostri to Pelles to constraint his defense. The nation, along with what remained of Deschenko's troops were killed when the Hammer of Dawn was used.[4]


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