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Pelles was a large, highly aggressive UIR member during the Pendulum Wars which had a lukewarm alliance with the smaller Ostri Republic. The nation was a leading member in the UIR and home to large Imulsion stockpiles.


Ancient PellesEdit

Five thousand years before Emergence Day, Pelles had a voting system.[1]

Prime member of the UIREdit

During the Era of Silence and the Gold Rush, Pelles would become one of the most powerful nations in the world. Their alliance with Ostri enabled a steady influx of Imulsion and technology. Pelles would move to establish the Union of Independent Republics with Ostri to oppose and dominate other countries.

During the briefing of Operation Leveler, Major Hoffman thought Ostri was going to be a staging ground to attack Pelles.[2] During the same briefing, COG High Command decided that by attacking Berephus city, they could convince their foes that the Coalition wanted to invaded Pelles for its massive Imulsion stockpiles.[3]

COG StateEdit

Sometime after the Pendulum Wars, Pelles became a COG nation, and one year after E-Day, Premier Yori Deschenko retreated from Ostri to Pelles to constraint his defense. The nation, along with what remained of Deschenko's troops, were killed when the Hammer of Dawn was used.[4]

Known CitiesEdit


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