Patrick O'Rourke
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Private Patrick O'Rourke, or Pat, was a former Stranded who joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army via Operation Lifeboat.


Becoming a GearEdit

Patrick was a Stranded who signed up to become a Gear via Operation Lifeboat. His family received a level 3 ration card, which is apparently given to the families of all conscripts. He was ordered to report to the Jacinto east third barricks. Patrick was a friend of Trey, a fellow Gear, who pulled some strings to get Patrick assigned to his unit.[1]

Letter from the CDCEdit

COG Department of Conscription Processing Jacinto Office Recruitment Notification Form

Dear Patrick O'Rourke,

We commend your commitment to the COG. Your service makes us all stronger. You are to report to the Jacinto east third barracks no later then 72 hours from notified receipt of this commutation. Training and deployment begin immediately. Ensure your financial and personal affairs are in order before arrival.

In accordance with Operation Lifeboat, your immediate family is also entitled to benefits of service. Mr & Mrs Kevin O'Rourke and their dependents receive a level 3 ration card and preferred status on housing requisitions. Benefits are guaranteed through the duration of service, any change to the terms of benefits must be made within your registered district.[1]

Letter from a friendEdit

Dear Mr. & Mrs. O'Rourke-

Hope you guys are doing well. When I heard Pat enlisted, I pulled some strings and got him in my unit. Don't worry Mrs. O'Rourke, I'll make sure he wears his helmet everyday.



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