Parade Grounds is the second chapter of the fifth act in Gears of War: Judgment.


Baird points out that Karn is actually making strategies rather than going on a mindless rampage like most of the COG thinks. As soon as you star you'll find the Declassified Mission nearby.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad claimed to have encountered more powerful Locust in Parade Grounds area."

Activating the mission will face you against some of the deadliest Locust like Serapedes, Lambent Wretches and even juvenile Corpsers, be careful and keep your distance from those beasts as they will instantly kill you if they get too close.

Once you exit the house you'll find the remains of the parade grounds for the celebration of the end of the Pendulum Wars. There'll be some Serapede eggs which you can destroy or not as it won't affect the number of Serapedes you will encounter unlike Archives. Baird tries to convince Paduk to not be offended by the victory but Paduk states that when the war ends they can kill themselves again like "normal people". There'll be some ammo caches, a Butcher Cleaver a Markza and a Retro Lancer amongst other things.

Use the valve nearby to open the door but as soon as you start to open it a Serapede manages to get through it and starts to attack you, shortly afterwards Lambent Wretches join the fight, take down the Serapede before fighting of the Wretches, beware their explosions and kill them as far of them as you can. However a juvenile Corpser bursts from the ground and begins its attack, try to use the Wretches to hurt it and fire at its unprotected back, then run away as it buries itself underground before it crushes you with its claws., follow this same technique until it finally goes down.

Once all beasts are down open the door (there'll be no Serapede this time) and you'll see a Locust patrol searching for you, leave them a little "surprise" with the Tripwire Crossbow's arrows. You'll be given 42 seconds before the Locust arrive. Even though you can end the chapter it is advisable to leave the arrows as they will kill several Locust on the next chapter: Upper State Street, once you finish you can now end the chapter.


Near the parade cars, there'll be a small room with stairs containing one Serapede egg. Head to the left and the COG Tag will be near some leaves.


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