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Overpass is a new multiplayer map featured in Gears of War 3. It takes place on an abandoned overpass in sinking Jacinto, and has many map dynamics involving this series of events, as more and more of the map is submerged as time goes on. This map is notable for having the new Multi-Turret on it, revealing that it will appear in multiplayer. It was revealed in the June Issue of Game Informer along with the Thrashball Arena.

Gears Of War 3 Overpass

Overpass Overhead Map (click to enlarge)


Like Thrashball this map can be very one sided, however unlike Thrashball, Grenades are more reliable here. A habit of this map is that one team frequently takes the "Steps" area, and hold it, using the area and Bridge to haress and kill the enemy team. Aswell as watching over the steps with Lancers and the Scorcher. One team can take the frags and throw them up to the location where the team is nesting causing massive damage, and unlike Thrashball the nested team does not have enough fallback points. Meaning, your Frag Grenade should get kills.


The upper fort-like area in the center of the map is easily defendable by one person as the Locust/Lambent are forced into a bottleneck up the stairs. And the four barrier areas are shorter, and therefore cost less, allowing the man-able turret at the top to be bought earlier in the waves, and barriers to be bought cheaper and more quickly. There are also no backdoors, so the horde can't sneak up on you, however this also means no escape routes if the horde makes its way up the stairs into the fort and mobs you. The closest thing to an escape route is to cross the dead-end bridge and use the turret you will have to buy as cover. This will only work for 2 people at a time, and any third person that comes along will be exposed to enemy fire and likely be blocking the turret-gunner's line of sight to any enemies that have made it up the stairs.

Command Post 1Edit


The locations of the command posts. Numbered

  • Location: Top of the stairs in the back.
  • Barriers (Long/Short): 0 / 4
  • Decoys: 0
  • Turrets: 2
  • Sentries: 1
  • Command Centers: 1

Command Post 2Edit

  • Location: Next to the blue car wedged on the concrete block.
  • Barriers (Long/Short): 5 / 0
  • Decoys: 1
  • Turrets: 1
  • Sentries: 1
  • Command Centers: 1

Command Post 3Edit

  • Location: From the Torque Bow/Boomshot spawn, the side with the truck flipped on its side.
  • Barriers (Long/Short): 3 / 4
  • Decoys: 1
  • Turrets: 1
  • Sentries: 1
  • Command Centers: 1

Command Post 4Edit

  • Location: From the Torque Bow/Boomshot spawn, the side with the sandbags.
  • Barriers (Long/Short): 2 / 4
  • Decoys: 1
  • Turrets: 2
  • Sentries: 1
  • Command Centers: 1

Command Post 5Edit

  • Location: At the bottom of the stairs, take a right and it is next to the frag/incendiary grenade spawn.
  • Barriers (Long/Short): 7 / 2
  • Decoys: 0
  • Turrets: 1
  • Sentries: 2
  • Command Centers: 1


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