Overlook is the seventh chapter of the fifth act in Gears of War: Judgment. It is also the last chapter of Baird's second and final testimony. This is also the last flashback chapter. The chapter opens with a cutscene in which Col. Loomis discovers that Kilo disobeyed his orders of staying on Onyx Point and that they're about to fire the Lightmass Missile over General Karn, he threatens them with execution but nobody cares and they launch the missile anyways, sacrificing Troy in the process and saving Omega-Two. However more Locust attack them shortly afterwards.


Cyclops will come in first, beware their chainsaws and finish them off. Locust horns will sound at the distance and you'll be given 1 and a half minutes to prepare your defenses. There'll be several Auto-Turrets, a Tripwire Crossbow and several ammo boxes inside. The Declassified Mission shall be nearby.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Lt. Baird claimed that Kilo Squad was able to overcome severe operational disadvantages in aftermath of Museum destruction."

Activating the mission means that your visibility will be greatly reduced due to the ashes of the Museum. Beware ambushes and prepare for any kind of enemy you've faced so far as this will be the most varied waves of all the game. You'll also have to rely on your hearing skills as you won't see much.

Once time runs out the first wave will arrive, mainly comprised of Drone and Boomer variants along with Shriekers, use all of your resources to take them down and make sure the sentries are reloaded. After you've taken out the last one, you'll be given 30 seconds to make sure your traps will work fine.

Another wave will arrive with different classes coming in this time, along with Shriekers, Bloodmounts, Ragers and Reavers that will give you a hard time. Use any powerful weapons at your disposal against them as they will destroy your defenses in a matter of minutes. It is advisable to remain inside the weapons room as you will be safer there. Once all enemies are down the chapter (and the act) will end with a small cutscene in which Loomis takes Kilo to the courthouse for their trial, which happened earlier in the game.


Head towards the building right in front of the left staircase and move forward until you find a big hole. The COG Tag will be at the left side.


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