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Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments


Heavy Shotgun

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit

High to Lethal

Magazine Size

4 shells

Maximum Ammunition

32 shells


Varies; depends on range




The Overkill is a new weapon in Gears of War 4. Commonly used by DR-1 DeeBees, they are a heavy shotgun with a 'burst fire'. Each trigger pull fires a round, and upon releasing the trigger, another round is fired, completing the burst.[1] Whilst each burst fires two rounds, the ammo counter represents one shotgun shell as being used for each trigger pull.

The Overkill has deceptively long range, considering its fire rate and the usual range of shotguns in Gears of War. However, the faster the weapon is fired, the wider the spread becomes, so a brief pause between trigger pulls is advised outside of close range to improve accuracy. While it has great utility, it can be surprisingly effective in the hands of a player who takes full advantage of its unique firing system from outside of Gnasher range. Headshots with the Overkill are common.


The Overkill's execution involves placing the weapon under the downed enemy's head and stomping on it, crushing the head.[2]



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