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A "helping" hand from the Stranded.

Walk forward with Dom as there is a brief conversation between Dom and Franklin over the com, and then bust through a doorway on the left at the end of the street. As you make your way through the building, the brief chapter comes to an end and Lethal Dusk begins.



Dom: "So where are we going Franklin?"

Franklin: "Chap's Gas Station corner of F Street and 13th."

Dom: "There's going to be a lot of Locust between there and here."

Franklin: "Shit you got that right, you need to hit our checkpoints for some ammo. The first one's up by the river. So if I was your ass, I'd get my ass by the river you dig?"

Dom: "It's getting late."

Marcus: "Let's find that checkpoint."


  • There is no action or challenge to this Chapter.
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