"Yeah, even when they're empty husks, I'm expecting polyps to spew out of 'em, you know?"
— Oscar's response after seeing some Lambent Stalks outside while aboard the CNV Sovereign

Oscar was a Gear soldier stationed on the CNV Sovereign after the collapse of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


Lambent PandemicEdit


Oscar sitting beside some shutters reading a news paper.

Attack on the CNV SovereignEdit

"Shit! They got Nash!"
— Oscar's yelling after seeing Nash get killed by polyps

Oscar was sitting reading a news paper next to the shutters in the "entertainment room" of the CNV Sovereign until Marcus and Dom walked in. After Marcus looked outside to see that they were sailing past a group of Lambent Stalks, a female survivor stated that she was creeped out by the stalks, so Oscar got up and closed the shutters while commenting on her statement saying that even when the stalks are empty husks he expects that they will spew out Lambent Polyps. He then sits back down and continues to read his news paper.[1]

He eventually made his way to the galley flat of the CNV Sovereign. Oscar saw the door leading to the hangar deck open, and Nash came running through, pursued by Polyps. Oscar opened fire on the Polyps along with Mike and Delta-One. They cut them down, but one had managed to jump onto Nash and explode, killing him. Oscar then took up a defensive position in the flat with Mike while Delta-One headed up to the hangar deck to assist with the defense of the ship.[1]

Oscar Death

Oscar running for his life, just as the Lambent Leviathan is about to chomp down on him.

Eaten by Lambent LeviathanEdit

"Oh my God!"
— Oscar's final words before being eaten alive by the Lambent Leviathan

Oscar made his way through the ship, killing various Lambent along the way. Eventually he made his way up to the deck of the ship emerging next to the Silverback hangar just as Marcus and the rest of Delta-One bordered the two Silverbacks that were stored in the hangar. Oscar was staring off into the distance, until he was caught off guard by the Lambent Leviathan which surfaced right in front of him. He immediately screamed and tried to run away from it but he was too slow; the Lambent Leviathan chomped down on the ship, killing him immediately and taking a large chunk of the hull along with him. It then proceeded to eat his body before being attacked by Delta-One.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • Oscar along with the various other Stranded in Gears of War 3 were named after Katrina victims.[3]
  • Oscar, Jerry (Sovereign) and a couple other Gears of War 3 NPC's all share the same character head model. The reason for this is because the Epic Games modellers created an assortment of Head Styles, Torso Styles, Leg Styles and Accessories models, then they would use a random generation tool to create the various NPC's in the game by mixing the various models.[4]



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