Old Town is the first chapter of the first act in Gears of War: Judgment. This is the first mission of Baird's testimony. The mission begins with the members of Kilo Squad being taken in custody by Ezra Loomis, as a result of their actions during the Locust attack on Halvo Bay.


After the introduction cutscene, you'll take control as Damon Baird. Head down the path until the buildings begin to crumble and collapse. Head left, towards a set of stairs that lead to a flame-filled area. Kick the sofa out of your way to proceed. Kick the following door in and proceed to the courtyard. 

Locust will appear once you reach the tree on fire. Around 3-4 Grubs will spawn, with the possibility of Wretches appearing as well. An alleyway to the left of the burning tree will yield ammo, if needed. The Declassfied Mission can be found nearby.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Kilo Squad claimed to encounter unknown Locust Varient."

Activating the Declassfied Mission will spawn Dark Wretches. These enemies will glow and explode with Imulsion when killed.

Head around the right side of the burning vehicle to reach the convoy, which has been entirely wiped out. Locust will spawn, which can include Grubs, Grinders, or Boomers. Watch out for Locust who can flank you from behind. Move forward into the next courtyard.


This level contains one COG Tag. When you reach the level exit, turn around to see the COG spray behind a tree in a small park. The tag can be found to the right, next to some trash bins.


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