"Sir, if he's rich, why is he here?"
"You think this a poor school?"
"Well, we're all poor...
Joshua Curzon and Major Fuller, talking about Marcus Fenix.

Olafson Intermediate School was a public intermediate school in the city of Ephyra. The school taught their students the main principals of the Coalition of Ordered Governments and that all the students are part of the metaphorical ‘machine’ of society, along with conventional subjects such as history and math.

Three of the most famous students of the school were Marcus Fenix, and Dominic and Carlos Santiago.[1] Their math teacher was Major Fuller, a notable veteran of the Pendulum Wars.[2] Students also played Thrashball.[3]


A New StudentEdit

Twelve years before Emergence Day, Marcus Fenix was transferred to Olafson Intermediate School. On his first day, several of the students took a disliking to him because he was rich, while the majority of them were poor. However, one student, Carlos Santiago, stood up for him. This led to Carlos getting into a fight with Joshua and Roland Curzon, but he was saved by Marcus. This began their lifelong friendship.[4]

Known EmployeesEdit

Known StudentsEdit


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