"Oilfish. The trawlers have found shitloads of oilfish. All this fuss for a sandwich filling."
Frank Muller, while guarding a trawler fleet

Oilfish were a species of fish in the oceans around Vectes. It was often used as a sandwich filling.


Fishermen from VectesEdit

In fifteen A.E., oilfish were one of the main food sources for the island of Vectes. Several months after the COG arrived on the island, a trawler fleet was gathering oilfish under the guard of the Amirale Enka, captained by CPO Frank Muller, who hated oilfish. They fleet was stopped when one of the vessels, the Levanto, mysteriously expolded.[1] Several days later, a second trawler fleet went out, with Gears on board to guard them, and found another large school of oilfish. After several hours of fishing, most of the trawlers were full of oilfish and other creatures that had been caught, including a Lambent creature on the Coral Star. It exploded, destroying the vessel and all of the oilfish that it had caught.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The real world Oilfish is found in the Mediterranean, middle Atlantic and throughout the southern seas, at depths of between 100 and 800 m. Its length is between 80 cm and 2 m.[3]


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