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Octavia Findlay
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"Every item that you leave intact is a windfall for the enemy. It is essential that we leave behind nothing that can be used against our own forces."
— Findlay, during her orders to begin evacuating Endeavor Naval Base

Captain Octavia Findlay was the Coalition of Ordered Governments Naval commander in charge of the Endeavor Naval Shipyard during the Locust War.


In Command of EndeavourEdit

Sometime during or after 12 A.E., Findlay was given orders to evacuate the Endeavor Naval Shipyard after nearby Locust incursions threatened the area. She brought forward the closure of the shipyard by two months, and ordered the decommissioning schedules to be accelerated. Findlay informed her people that if they did not meet their objectives by the time Coalition High Command gave them fifty-two hours' notice of evacuation, they were to institute these emergency measures: disable all non-removable IT systems, any remaining sea vessels were to be scuttled and all remaining Imulsion was to be dumped into the ocean, and all classified documents were to be burned. Findlay reminded everyone that it was essential that they not leave anything behind that could be useful to the Locust.[1]


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