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Nowhere is a map that was released on the 28th of July 2009 in the Dark Corners or All-Fronts Collection DLC.

Gears 2Edit


First, when both teams spawn there will almost always be a battle between the teams. To avoid this, head up the stairs to the roof of the large store. There is a Mulcher/Mortar in the center, grab that and you may be able to ensure victory for your team. Be aware that there are stairs in which the other team is able to use to get to the roof. Another way of supporting your team is to take the special pistols in the empty shops to the side. The torque bow and longshot are in the middle-rear of the two shops and will certainly be fought over. However, if a player manages to collect it, their team will gain a superior edge against the opponents. Ink/Frag grenades will also spawn in the center of the map.


The environment seems, at first, to just be a desert setting but, there are dust storms that happen frequently and can be a pain for sniping, so be wary of enemies.


The spawns are symmetrical. Pistols are located inside the two small rooms and inside the diner. Sniper rifle is located in an open area between the two small rooms. Grenade spawn is located right outside of the diner. Mortar/Mulcher spawn is located on the roof of the diner. Large ammo spawns are at the end of each map under a small roof cover.


The key to horde is the diner. Whether you decide to do it inside or on the roof is up to you. Inside, you only have a pistol spawn and a grenade spawn close; on the roof you only have the mulcher/mortar. In the diner you risk therons and grenadiers coming through the windows, which is instant death in the later waves; on the roof you risk a spawn point that will activate even if you are on the edges of the rooftop. Inside you only need one shield on the doorway, though you may want to plant them at the windows to thwart any of them jumping through; on top you need a shield at each stairway, but it you plant it right, sires will walk right through and drones will jump over the ledge instead of kicking the shield down. Inside your visibility is limited to the door and windows, whereas on the roof you have a full view, giving more diversity and more firepower when you're in a full group.


  • Afraid of the Dark is an achievement that requires one game on multiplayer from this map to receive
  • Did not go Gentle is an achievement that requires one win on multiplayer from this map to receive
  • Blood on the Sand is an achievement one can get by completing waves 1-50 of Horde
  • The diner on the center of the map is only open during Horde or Wingman matches.

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