The North Gate Agricultural Depot was run by the COG engineering corps and was one of the main agricultural production zones under COG control. The North Gate was an open air farmland and was filled with hydroponics, microprotein farms, and poultry units. The Depot held chicken pens and most likely other animals, along with vats in which vegatational food was grown using algae. It was located south of Jacinto and outside of Ephyra city. It supplied large amounts of food to Jacinto City.


Evacutation of North GateEdit

One week after the Lightmass Offensive, the Locust began cutting off access to the Depot. Col.Victor Hoffman decided to evacuate the Depot,[1] and assembled a convoy to take whatever they could out. Staff Sergeant Lennard Parry commanded the sappers who evacuated the Depot, and they worked throughout the night to get everything they could stripped down and put onto trucks.[2] The sappers managed to get the entire priority list of equipment and all the spare parts they could loaded before the convoy rolled out.[3] The Evacuation of North Gate was the beginning of the Siege of Jacinto.


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