North Entrance is the fourth chapter of the sixth act in Gears of War: Judgment.


After exiting the terrace you'll hear some Locust trying to knock down the doors. Before you proceed the Declassified Mission should be near the staircase.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Col. Loomis's report contained nothing about Kilo Squad's impaired vision due to exertion and injuries."

Activating the mission means that whenever you take damage your visibility will be reduced. Stay covered and don't go out into the open to avoid trouble.

There'll be an Auto-Turret, a Mulcher and some Tripwire Crossbows around, use them to ambush the Locust before they get close to you. Some Kantus might use Tickers against you so stay away from them and kill those Kantus. Flame Grenadiers and Cyclops will also appear. After a while an E-Hole will spawn in the middle of the hall, close it quickly as more may spawn afterwards. There'll be a turret at the next balcony so you might wanna use it, though it is not recommendable if there are many enemies stationed there.

Once all E-Holes are closed and all enemies are out come down and head towards the door in front of you. There'll be a Boomshot and a Longshot nearby. Afterwards open the doors to the next part where some Therons armed with Torque Bows and Cleavers will attack you, take them down and close any E-Holes before walking past the room and ending the chapter.


After you start the chapter, head to the next staircase, where a turret is located, and search for a COG Tag nearby.


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