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GoW 2 normal mark.

Normal is a difficulty first introduced in Gears of War 2 and reappearing in all the following games, usually represented by a Silver Gear with two stars. In Normal, players are punished fairly for not using cover. Enemies are somewhat accurate and have the same amount of health as they do on Hardcore. The player's weapons do 40% more damage on Normal than on Hardcore/Insane, allowing enemies to be killed somewhat more quickly. Normal is an intermediate difficulty between the Casual and Hardcore difficulties seen in the first Gears of War, and acts as a more "mainstream" shooter experience. In Gears of War: Ultimate Ediition the Normal difficulty appears too despite not being in the original game, serving the same role as in the other games. It is most suitable for new players, average players, or single player.

In Normal difficulty single-player, when a player loses all of their health they will simply be downed, and can be revived by teammates as long as they do not take additional damage (unlike Hardcore or Insane, where running out of health results in an instant death), but in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition you will still die instantly. Additionally, the player has somewhat more health than on Hardcore; for example, the player can survive a direct Torque Bow hit on Normal, which would be instantly fatal on Hardcore.

Enemy Health Levels on NormalEdit

(Health here is the same in Gears of War 2 as Hardcore)

Allied Health Levels on NormalEdit

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