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Doctor Nicolette Shannon was a civilian doctor at Jacinto Med who treated both wounded Gears and patients with Rustlung.


Working at Jacinto MedEdit

While working at Jacinto Med, Dr. Shannon sent a request to the Coalition of Ordered Governments for more medical supplies, but was denied due to the supplies being needed for Operation: Hollow Storm. She was also worried that Dr. Vivian Merriweather was not worried enough about patients with Rustlung, and believed that her close ties with the COG administration affected her judgement. Shannon made plans to bring the issue up with the hospital's director, believing that they needed to take better care of the Gears. Items concerning both of these issues were found by Sgt. Marcus Fenix during a Locust incursion into the hospital.[1]


COG LetterheadEdit

To: Dr. Nicolette Shannon
From: COG Headquarters for Military Operations
Subject: Medical Supplies/Urgent
Your request for additional medical supplies has been received. Due to recent Locust incursions and the upcoming need for massive amounts of supplies during the Landown assault, your request has been respectfully denied.[1]

Doctor's Journal - Dr. Nicolette ShannonEdit

Dr. Merriweather mentioned that she's seen numerous patients exhibiting similar symptoms, even paranoia and aggression, but she appears to be less concerned than the rest of us. I'm starting to wonder whether her close ties to the COG administration could be affecting her judgment about the patients' welfare. Going to follow up on this with the director tomorrow.... If we aren't taking care of our soldiers, who will?[1]


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