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Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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Navy Chief





Chronological and political information
"Where's your precious Gears now, Dizzy? Where are they when we need 'em?"
— Nicklos, mocking Dizzy about liking Gears

Nicklos was a Stranded leader who lived at the Oblivion Central Squatters Camp.


COG NavyEdit

During the Pendulum Wars, Nicklos served as a Coalition of Ordered Governments navy chief.[1]

Defending OblivionEdit

One hundred and eighty days after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, Nicklos was living in the Oblivion Central Squatters Camp. When Locust emerged near the camp, Nicklos rushed to defend the camp along with many other Stranded. He mocked Dizzy Wallin, a new resident of Oblivion, asking him where the Gears he respected where when they needed them. After the battle, Nicklos directed the other Stranded in treating the wounded. He also found Dizzy, who had never fought in a battle before, and told him that he needed to figure out how to use a gun fast, and that he wanted him ready next time the Locust attacked.[2]


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