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Locust War Allegiance

Locust Horde

Notable Facts

Capital of the Locust Horde

Nexus was the capital city of the Locust Horde and was located near the center of the Inner Hollow. The physical structure of Nexus was similar to a hive, and it is covered in bright yellow lights. Queen Myrrah had defended Nexus as the central front against the Lambent in the Locust Civil War. The actual number of floors was unknown, but the structure appeared to have 15 "parts" when viewed from the outside. Nexus was suspsended over a lake of Imulsion that protects it from subterranean threats. A series of turrets which surrounded the city provided additional security. A major highway served as the only entrance and exit to Nexus, and the pathway was utilized to deploy thousands of Locust troops at a time. Nexus was destroyed after the COG sacrificed their own capital, Jacinto, to flood the Hollow with seawater.[1] Nexus is the only known city of the Locust Horde.


  • Royal Palace
  • Reaver Pens
  • Bloodmount Stables
  • Barracks (any other room)
  • Latrine/Mess hall-Kitchen
  • Torture Chambers
  • Main Elevator
  • Cable Car (Mini-Entrance)
  • Highway (Main Entrance)
  • Second Tower (Inner Layer, Side)
  • Third Tower (Inner Layer, Side)
  • Outskirts
    • Dam
    • Imulsion Mining Facility
    • First Tower (Outer Layer, Side)
    • Labor Camps


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