Nethercutt Mining was a major corporation that existed in Pre-Locust War Tyrus. They specialized in exploiting Osmium reserves for industrial and military application. Nethercutt likely existed for many years before the Pendulum Wars, likely being founded by the court at Fort Reval hoping to take advantage of the region's resources. During the Pendulum Wars, their largest contract was with the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Nethercutt Mining operated several large underground mines in Tyrus, extracting many tons of Osmium ore. The ore was then used for manufacturing firearms and armor for the millions of COG Gears on the battlefield. Nethercut Mining developed unique equipment to remove and morph rocks, including massive ore carrying rig elevators, and walker excavators. Over the course of the Pendulum Wars, several Osmium mines were tapped out by the war effort. Unlike most Tyran industries that preferred using Imulsion as an energy source, Nethercutt utilized geothermal power for practical underground electricity and traditional petroleum for motorized vehicles. While Osmium mining continued, albeit reduced, after E-Day, Nethercutt Mining was likely nationalized by the COG due to the passage of the Fortification Act and ceased to exist as a private entity. Seventeen years after E-Day upon the conclusion of the Locust War, several Nethercutt facilities were repurposed for Locust burial sights. Even after forty years of being discarded, Nethercutt equipment remained largely functional and valued by Outsider groups salvaging old gear. Nethercutt Mining may have been reconstituted in some form by the COG or private innovators for rebuilding purposes after the Locust War.


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