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"Hey, you realize where all that sculpture and arty shit came from?"
"You're gonna tell me."
"The National Museum of Ephyra. Prescott saved friggin' statues instead of us! Asshole!
— Damon Baird and Marcus Fenix ranting about the sculptures inside Pinnacle Tower

The National Museum of Ephyra was a cultural museum located in the city of Tyrus. During the Battle of Ephyra, Bravo Squad was on South Mercantile Way, which was a block away from the National Museum of Ephyra.[1] During the Lambent Invasion, Damon Baird described how he thought that the Fenix's Estate's collection of art and statues was just like the collection in the National Museum of Ephyra.[2] While in Azura in 17 A.E., Damon Baird noted how some of the art and rare collections he saw in the buildings were most likely transported from the National Museum of Ephyra to the COG's doomsday bunker when the Locust War began. [3]



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