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"Better slow down, Diz. It's pretty icy ahead."
— Nathan, warning Dizzy about the condition of the road on there way back to Anvil Gate.

Nathan or Nate by his friends, was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army who was stationed at Anvil Gate during the Lambent Pandemic.


Locust WarEdit

Nathan fought in the Locust War, its undetermined if he was apart of Operation: Hollow Storm, however when the Coalition of Ordered Governments sank Jacinto City Nathan like the rest of the population moved to Port Farrall.

Lambent PandemicEdit

Leaving for Anvil GateEdit

Once the COG decided to move the population once again to Vectes he went along with all the other Gear soldiers to the island. He stayed on the island until Victor Hoffman relocated with most of the citizens of Pelruan to Anvil Gate.


Nathan being held at gunpoint by an aggressive group of Stranded near Anvil Gate.

Trading with StrandedEdit

"Diz, this is Nathan I can see a roadblock up ahead. About sixty, seventy meters."
— Nathan, communicating with Dizzy Wallin over the truck radios about a roadblock ahead of them.

A few months later Nathan drove a Packhorse while going along with Padrick Salton and Dizzy Wallin to meet a group of neighbouring Stranded to trade their possessed Imulsion for a large number of animal skins. On the way to the stranded camp the group was jumped by a separate gang of stranded who belt Nathan at gun point wanting the group to pay a toll foe using their road. But thanks to Pad sneaking up behind them the situation was resolved after Pad threatened to blow their heads off. The group continued their way to stranded camp, once they arrives Nathan helped to unload the animal skins which they traded for the Imulsion.


Nathan's Packhorse starts to fall through the ice.

Emergence Hole DiscoveryEdit

"Oh shit!"
— Nathan, reacting after one of the wheels of his Packhorse started to fall through the ice.

On their way back to the fort Nathans radios Dizzy telling him to watch out for the roads ahead of them because they were staring to get icy, but moments later Nathans Packhorse cracked the ice and started to fall through. Dizzy jumped out of his truck and grabbed the winch then ran to Nathans Packhorse to attache it. He then had Pad pull Nathan out, once everything was secure the three of them checked out the hole Nathan almost fell through. Pad comments that its an old grub tunnel and reassures Nathan and Dizzy that they don't have grubs near by, they then jumped back in their vehicles and head back to the fort.[1]


Crimson Omen
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