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Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death

One year after E-Day

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

Natalie was the sister of Margaret Hoffman and the sister-in-law of Colonel Victor Hoffman. She worked as an ER doctor in Corren.


Hammer of DawnEdit

One year after the events of E-Day, Natalie worked as a doctor at an ER in the city of Corren. When the Hammer of Dawn strikes was announced, her sister Margaret called her and told her to stay there, and that she was coming to retrive Natalie. Even though Victor Hoffman offered to have Natalie flown out on a COG transport, Margaret did not trust him and refused. He then ordered all checkpoints to keep an eye out for both of them.[1] It was later reported to Hoffman after the strike that no posts picked up Margaret or Natalie. It is presumed that both Natalie and Margaret were killed in the counterattack.[2]


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