Lieutenant Nat Barber was a Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps crew chief who served on various King Ravens. He often worked with Major Gill Gettner and served during several battles of the Locust War, the Stranded Insurgency, and the Lambent Pandemic. He later joined the rapid response force aboard the CNV Sovereign after Vectes was evacuated.


Locust WarEdit

Battle of EphyraEdit

"Nice shot, sir. I'll hold them off now while we get those guys off those cables."
— Barber, after Hoffman used the Hammer of Dawn to destroy part of Chancery Bridge

Ten years after Emergence Day, Barber participated in the Battle of Ephyra, serving as crew chief aboard KR Eight-Zero with pilot Major Gill Gettner. After picking up Col.Victor Hoffman and Lt.Anya Stroud from the Treasury roof, they flew towards Chancery Bridge to rescue the Gears there and destroy it with the Hammer of Dawn to slow the Locust advance. Barber manned one of the Chain Guns and fired at Reavers and Locust ground forces as they flew. When the radio was restored, Barber was pleased, and reported that they had a Hammer relay and ten other King Ravens in contact with them. Hoffman asked if they had contact with Strachan, and Barber told him that Strachan's Raven had a different emergency comm kit and stated he thought Strachan was doing evacuation duties. Hoffman told him not to worry about it and Gettner then announced that they were closing in on Chancery. They spotted Locust beginning to pour onto the bridge, and a handful of Gears clinging to cables on the suspension towers, using Longshot's and Longspear's to fire on the Locust. Hoffman used the Hammer of Dawn to destroy the south part of the bridge to prevent the Locust from crossing. Barber complimented him on the destruction and laid down covering fire while Gettner got into position to rescue the two remaining Gears stuck on the bridge. They took heavy fire from surviving Locust on the bridge, and Barber recommended hurrying before they were shot down. He cut down several more Locust before giving control of the gun over to Hoffman in order to use the winch to rescue the Gears. They succeeded, and then quickly flew away from the bridge and towards the new CIC that had been established in Jacinto City.[3]

Lightmass OffensiveEdit

"So we've got an extra passenger. Now there's a familiar face. Good to see you back, Fenix."
— Barber to Marcus, after rescuing him and Dom from The Slab

Four years later, Barber participated in the Lightmass Offensive. KR Eight-Zero was deployed to pick up Delta-One, consisting of Lt.Minh Young Kim and Pvt.Anthony Carmine, before flying to the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison to pick up Delta-Two, which consisted of Pvt.Marcus Fenix and Pvt.Dominic Santiago. They managed to rescue them from a small Locust force, barely escaping a Corpser that attacked the pickup zone. Barber helped Dom to his feet after he and Marcus had been forced to jump onto the deck during takeoff, and he remarked that it was good to see Marcus back in uniform. They flew Delta squad to Embry Square and dropped them off to meet Hoffman before taking off and leaving the area when the Locust attacked.[4]

Evacuation of North GateEdit

"Colonel, you think we've seen the turning point? The Stranded seem to think so. They're like rats. They sense stuff long before we can."
— Barber, asking Hoffman if he thinks the war against the Locust will be over soon

About a week after the Lightmass Offensive, the Locust began the Siege of Jacinto, during which they attempted to cut off the Coalition of Ordered Governments access to the North Gate Agricultural Depot.[5] During the COG evacuation of the depot, a group of Drones were spotted moving over land towards the depot, and Barber was the crew chief of the King Raven that was selected to transport Hoffman and Delta-One, consisting of Marcus, Dom, Cpl.Damon Baird, and Pvt.Augustus Cole, to intercept them. He and pilot Lt.Mel Sorotki attempted to convince Hoffman not to go with Delta, believing it to be too dangerous for Hoffman to risk his life. When that failed, Barber discussed with Hoffman about if the Lightmass bomb had defeated the Locust, remarking that the Stranded seemed to think so, and that they were not seeing the Locust in large numbers like they used to. Hoffman told him that he did not know, and that he had thought wars were over before when it turned out they were not.[6] After picking up Hoffman and Delta after they killed the drones,[7] the Raven dropped them off at the convoy location. As they got off, Barber flipped off Hoffman when he turned his back, and asked him if he was sure he did not want to come back with them to get his leg wound looked at. Hoffman told him he would live, and to get back to base with the Raven.[2]

Mission to TollenEdit

"I'm with Santiago. Shit indeed. In fact, I'd go as far as a holy fuck."
— Barber, after discovering that the entire city of Tollen had sunk into the ground and turned into a lake

A few days later, a message was received from Stranded in Tollen that the city was flooding. Marcus, Dom, and Baird were assigned to investigate, with Gettner piloting the Raven and Barber serving as the crew chief. When they arrived, Gettner had Barber double check their position, and he reassured her they were in the right place. He then looked out at the landscape and saw what she had: the entire city had sunk into the ground, leaving only a lake behind, and several ruined outlying buildings. Gettner began flying away from the city fast, and warned the others to prepare for a crash landing. Barber asked her what was going on, and she told him that she thought methane pockets had sunk the city, and if one emerged under them, they would lose altitude and crash. Baird disagreed with them, insisting that the Locust had sunk the city, while the others believed it was a methane pocket. As they flew back to Jacinto, Barber and the others continued to look back at the city, and Baird began trying to convince him that the Locust had sunk the Tollen. Barber pointed out that it had to be a slow way to kill them, unless their weapons facilities were hurt so badly by the Lightmass Bomb that they had resorted to blocking rivers and diverting them towards cities. Baird told him that the flooding like that would not have resulted from a dammed river, and the Locust must have figured out a way to sink larger areas. Barber told him he was crazy, but Baird pointed out they had no idea how the Locust thought, and that what made sense to them might be entirely different and they needed to figure it out. Barber asked him if he thought he could when the scientists were unable to, Baird shot back that he had been right a lot more than they had.[8]

Vectes and the Stranded InsurgencyEdit


KR-80 during the raid on Pelruan.

Mission to VectesEdit

"It's okay here. I can't believe all this shit is finally over."
— Barber, talking with a friend over the comms unit about Vectes

Seven weeks after the COG was forced to sink Jacinto City, they decided to scout the island of Vectes as a possible relocation point from the freezing winter of Port Farrall. Barber served as the crew chief aboard KR Eight-Zero during the mission, with Lt.Anya Stroud and Delta-One flying with them, and KR-239 following. After flying over Vectes Naval Base, they spotted several farms and a small town, and Barber manned one of the mounted guns on the side of the Raven, covering Delta-One as they made contact with the local civilian population in Pelruan. The mayor of the town, Lewis Gavriel, fired a shot above the Gears, not believing they were from the COG. When Marcus managed to convince them to talk with them, Barber stayed with Gettner, Sorotki, and Lt.Kevan Mitchell at the landing site, eating ration bars while waiting for Delta to return.[9] After the situation calmed down and it was discovered the civilians were loyal COG citizens, the decision was made to move the COG to the island and into Vectes Naval Base. Later that night, Barber and Sorotki talked on long range coms with friends on the mainland, telling them how nice it was on Vectes, and that he hoped all of the crap they had to deal with was over.[10] When a group of Stranded who Delta had visited earlier that day raided the town, Barber again manned the guns on the Raven and opened fire on the Stranded, sinking their inflatable boats as they tried to land on the shore.[11]

Mission to the Emerald Spar PlatformEdit

"Wreckage. They've found a couple of buoys and some polyprop line. Nothing else. They're discussing how fast she went down. I'm missing a lot, but that's the gist of it."
— Barber, translating while eavesdropping on Gorasni communications

A few months later, Barber served as crew chief on KR Eight-Zero as it flew Delta-One to the Emerald Spar Imulsion Platform, which was manned by a group of Gorasni who had joined the COG. As they approached the landing platform, Barber became concerned about if the platform was stable to land on.[12] When they left the platform, Barber monitored the Gorasni radio traffic, trying to determine how their search for a missing frigate, the Nezark, was going. He told the others that the Gorasni had found some wreckage, that the ship had gone down extremely fast, and that it had apparently grounded itself on something. Marcus asked him if he was sure they had said grounded, since the Nezark had been nowhere near land. Barber told him he was, and that it was strange since there were no navigational hazards near that area.[13]

Lambent InvasionEdit

Skirmish on the CNV ClementEdit

"Well, there's something you don't see every day."
— Barber, after discovering several Lambent Stalks shooting out of the ocean

Several days later, Barber was aboard KR-80, helping the CNV Clement search for the Nezark. However, several Lambent Stalks burst from the water around the submarine, dropping Polyps onto it. Barber was horrified and fascinated by them, and watched as Baird tried to hold off the Polyps. As the CNV Clement began to dive to avoid the Polyps, Gettner piloted the Raven in to pick up Baird, and Barber worked with Marcus to prepare the sling and wrench. Gettner was worried about setting off the Polyps with the downdraft, but Barber countered that they were not mines. She told him that they had no idea what they could do, which Barber conceded, and they decided to descend very carefully. After getting into position over Baird, he dropped the sling and steadied it with Marcus, and after Baird grabbed on, Barber began pulling him back up and into the Raven. After they strafed all the Polyps and killed them, they noticed more Stalks emerging in a more-or-less straight line, and Barber said they better put out a shipping warning. He then calculated the paths of the Stalks using his charts and determined that they were heading to the Emerald Spar platform. He quickly informed the others and the Raven headed towards the platform.[14]

Battle of the Emerald Spar PlatformEdit

After dropping off Delta at the platform, Barber and Gettner began planning for the possible evacuation of the platform, and how many trips it could take. They stayed on the landing platform with KR Eight-Zero while Delta headed below deck with the rig crew.[15] After the battle began and it became clear the COG had no hope of holding the platform, Barber and Gettner used KR-80 to help evacuate Emerald Spar alongside four other Raven's.[16]

Supplying PelruanEdit

"Shit, Bernie, look at all that firepower on your back. Someone piss you off?"
— Barber, after seeing Bernie carry several rifles she had taken from Stranded she had killed

Not long after arriving back at Vectes, Barber and Gettner took KR-80 to drop off supplies for Anya, who was in command at the Pelruan Garrison. On their way back to VNB, Marcus contacted them and asked them to pick up Bernie, who had just killed several Stranded and was walking back to the base. After finding her on the road, Gettner set the Raven down, and Barber helped Bernie and her dog, Mac, get into the Raven. He was impressed with the weapons and ammo she had taken from the Stranded, and asked if someone had pissed her off. She laughed, and told him to help her stow the equipment, and that she had cached their ammo as well. Barber asked if she had gotten their gold fillings as well, but she told him she had forgotten to get those. Bernie then asked if it was Hoffman who had had them come to pick her up, and Barber told her it was Marcus, and that he said to save her ammo for the glowies. Gettner told him that she preferred to call them shinies over glowies, and they flew back to VNB.[17]

Looking for the LambentEdit

"Cant't see any forest. Jagged outline. A lot of haze."
— Barber, describing the newly discovered island

Not long after this, Barber and Gettner took Delta-One out in KR-80 to try and find the Lambent Stalks, and see if they could discover anything about them. Barber manned the port door gun of the Raven during the mission, and assisted Gettner in tracking their position. They first inspected the area around where the Emerald Spar had been, but found no trace of the Lambent or the platform. As Gettner began flying to the mainland, they ran across something unexpected: a newly formed uncharted volcanic island. Barber prepped Jack to fly down and investigate the island as they drew closer, but everyone stopped working on what they were doing when Cole asked if they could name the island. Barber and the others went silent as they contemplated who they would name it after, but Baird broke the silence when he pointed out they better make sure it was worth naming first. After Barber finished prepping Jack, he used the Raven's port gun camera to view the island with Marcus, and told the others that the island had a jagged outline and was filled with haze. He also spotted pumice on the water, which confirmed that Baird was right about it being a volcanic island. Barber and Marcus then both spotted a dormant Stalk on the island, and after they got close enough, he released Jack to get a closer look. Barber realized that the Stalk had not only come up through the solid rock of the island, but through the lava eruption that had formed the island as well. He and the others were disturbed by this, as it indicated that the Stalks could survive being submersed in lava. Barber contacted control to inform them about the island.[18]

Encounter With the StrandedEdit

"Holy shit. Holy shit."
— Barber, upon finding the gigantic Stranded fleet

After Barber finished informing control and they finished scouting the island, he picked up transmissions between Stranded on their long-range network, and alerted the others. Marcus asked him if he could get a fix on their transmitter, and Barber told him he could try after they picked up Jack. Barber began searching for a clearer signal, and once he found it, zeroed in on the source. He calculated that they were close enough to investigate, as the Stranded were only a few hundred kilometers off their course, and Gettner headed toward the coordinates. When they found the source, Barber and the others were amazed to discover a massive Stranded fleet, consisting of over a hundred vessels. Gettner informed them that it was on a direct heading for Vectes.[19] They contacted the fleet, since COG command wanted to try and forge an alliance with the Stranded against the Lambent. Marcus arranged a meeting with the Stranded leader, Lyle Ollivar, to talk about the Lambent. Dom signaled to Barber that he wanted to rappel down with Marcus, and Barber nodded to him in understanding. He wrenched Marcus and then Dom down on rappel lines to a car ferry for the meeting, and lowered the sling down to pick them back up once the meeting was over. The Raven then returned to Vectes, and Barber and the others got an aerial view of the defenses Hoffman was having built around the island.[20]

Scouting Vectes for LambentEdit

"We haven't even scratched the surface of this place. The map doesn't tell us a damn thing. For all we known, there could be imulsion reserves down there."
— Barber, on the island of Vectes

Ten days after the Battle of New Jacinto, Barber flew back out on KR-80 with Gettner and Delta on a scouting mission all over the island of Vectes. They flew over the uninhabited parts of the island, and Barber hung out of the crew bay, taking pictures of the island in order to map it fully. He told the others that there were plenty of unmapped places on the island, so there could be tons of resources and possibly Imulsion for the to find and use. Barber asked Bernie if she wanted them to fly over the northern sector of the island to look for Mac, who had gone missing during the Battle of Pelruan. She told him it would be easier to look on foot, but thanked him for the offer. As they continued to fly around the island, they discussed if Chairman Richard Prescott was still up to the job of leading the COG, and Barber expressed his confidence that Prescott had gotten them this far, and would continue to keep them alive. They were all surprised when Gettner joined in on the conversation, since she usually just stuck to flying or yelling at them. She was happy that the island was so peaceful with the Stranded finally gone, and Barber said he was happy that the Gorasni were getting along with everyone else now. After they flew over Pelruan, Gettner became determined that they would find Mac for Bernie, and Cole eventually spotted him. Barber kept an eye on the dog while Gettner landed, and Bernie brought him into the Raven. They discovered fresh burns on him, indicating that Polyps might still be on the island, and flew around the area after alerting control. They were nearly knocked out of the sky when three Stalks shot out of the ground, and after the attack was reported, Barber and Marcus took up the guns on the sides of the Raven while Gettner flew to attack them.[21]

Battle of Grid Echo-FiveEdit

"Even Doc Hayman couldn't fix that."
— Barber, after seeing the remains of a farmer attacked by Polyps

When no Polyps emerged from the stalks, the Gears held off on opening fire, and Gettner continued asked Lt.Donneld Mathieson for backup while Barber began taking recon images of the stalks. They spotted several pulsating blisters on the stalks that burst after several minutes, but nothing emerged. They landed the Raven and Delta began inspecting the area around the stalk, but a few minutes later another stalk emerged and polyps poured out of the ground near that one. Delta began falling back, and Barber began firing on the polyps as Gettner took KR Eight-Zero back into the air. After the main group of polyps were killed, they pursued one group that ran into the forest, and Barber took them out with the Raven's chain gun.[22] Several minutes later, he and Gettner were contacted by Marcus and Bernie, who said they had a wounded farmer that needed medical treatment. Gettner landed the Raven in a field near them, and Barber hauled a gurney over to where they were attempting to treat the wounded man inside a tractor cab. When he got to them, Bernie said that there was nothing they could do, and when Barber looked at the body, he quickly looked away and agreed with her, saying that even Dr.Isabel Hayman could not help the guy. He told them to start moving the body, and to try and get an ID off of him while he contacted Anya and let her know they were bringing a dead civilian into Pelruan.[23] When KR Eight-Zero got back to Pelruan, Barber helped Dom unload the body-bag and gurney.[24] He stayed at the landing zone with Gettner, and they played cards with Sorotki and Mitchell in the crew bay of KR Eight-Zero. They broke up the game when the others returned from delivering the body.[25]

Tracking the StalksEdit

"Ma'ma, we've got contaminated zones without stalks. Just dead land. I don't know what help the images are going to be, but I'm transmitting them back to base anyway."
— Barber, reporting to Anya about the dead zone

The next day, Barber and Gettner were scheduled to fly a patrol around the island to look for more stalks, with Baird and Cole flying along with them. Shortly before their patrol began, word came in that Marcus and Dom had found a supply of Imulsion near one of the stalks, and efforts were underway to set up a way to extract it. When their patrol began, Barber gleefully reminded Baird that he had once said he would devote his life to charitable causes if they found Imulsion on Vectes. Cole pointed out he was building some prosthetic legs for Mathieson, and Gettner laughed at the fact Baird had been proven wrong about something. Baird then told them he had a theory, and pointed out how the Lambent seemed to be attracted to Imulsion, since they attacked the Emerald Spar and kept going after boats powered by it, so they should be worried about it being found around the stalks. Barber said that the stalks might have opened up an Imulsion channel under the island, and that not all of the boats attacked had been running on Imulsion. Baird responded that he did not have all the answers, but it was too much of a pattern to ignore, and the brown patches showing up around the stalks were killing off healthy land as well. Cole remarked that it was too early to be worried about having to run away because of the stalks, but Gettner said that she wanted to go home. This cut the conversation short, and Cole began trying to cheer them up, suggesting they start teaching kids to play Thrashball like they had been in Port Farrall. Barber told him to count him in, as long as it did not get too violent. When they began their sweep over the forest north of Pelruan, Barber spotted a large brown dead area, like the ones that usually turned up around stalks. Barber began taking recon pictures, but did not see any stalks, and wondered if there might be short ones, which would mean that they had changed again. Cole and Baird volunteered to rope down to the ground to get a closer look, and Barber gave Baird the recon camera to take pictures with. They reported back to Barber and Gettner that the whole area was dead, with no insects, animals, or plants alive.[26] After picking up Cole and Baird, KR Eight-Zero hurried to Pelruan and landed in the middle of the town, and Barber rushed through the alleys to find Anya. He found her with Bernie and Sgt.Drew Rossi, and informed her of the dead zone. She asked if it was still centered around the fissures under the island, and he said it was, but if it is was going to start happening randomly without stalks, they had a whole host of new problems. He went into the Pelruan Signals Office with her to transmit the recon images to VNB, and Prescott asked them to recover soil samples. Barber and Gettner flew Anya, Cole, Baird, and Bernie back out to the dead zone, and after landing in a clearing near it, Barber gave Anya directions to walk through the forest to reach it.[27]

Mainland ReconEdit

"It's like being the first explorers. We've got no idea what's down there now. Well, except we've got accurate maps. We know the geography and shape of the coastline."
— Barber, on scouting the mainland

Several days later, KR Eight-Zero was selected as one of the Ravens sent to scout the Tyran coast. Hoffman, Marcus, Dom, Commander Miran Trescu, and Emergency Management Chief Royston Sharle. As they flew towards the mainland, Barber went back and forth from the crew bay to the cockpit, working on his recon camera. When they got near the shore, they discovered a forest of stalks along the coast line. Barber pointed out that they were only in the shallow water, and that they had not seen any out in the deep sea. He began taking recon images as they flew over Corren, which they found had been abandoned by the thousands of Stranded who had lived there, with stalks all over the city. Barber noticed that there were not any dead zones in the city, but Dom said that they had not covered any grassland yet. They turned toward the city of Hatton, and Barber remarked that it was almost like they were the first explorers, having no idea what was out there and discovering new things, except for the fact that they had accurate maps. Marcus pointed out that that would not help them if they took a look at Jacinto, but Gettner shot down the idea of looking there. When they flew over a park, Barber had them slow down because a stalk was there, and they spotted a twenty-meter dead zone around it. Gettner commented that at least they knew they stopped eventually, since most of the grass was still alive, but Barber told her that they had no idea how long that stalk had been there. He then asked Hoffman if they were going to try to contact any Stranded, and Hoffman told him they should try to find some first. As they approached the reservoir at Hatton, they spotted a large settlement and made contact with it, and Hoffman agreed to trade them fuel for information. The Stranded leader warned them to stay away from the camp when they landed, and Barber went to the door gun in case there was any trouble. While Hoffman talked with the leader, Gettner took over on the gun, and Barber filled up several ten-liter fuel cans and hauled them out of the Raven. After Hoffman finished getting information on the surrounding settlements, city ruins, and the extent of the Lambent encroachment, Barber handed over the cans of Imulsion to the Stranded. They all then got back into the Raven and returned to Vectes.[28]

Stalk Emergence at the ReservoirEdit

"That means those things can come up anywhere."
— Barber, after stalks emerge fifteen klicks away from a fault line

A day later, KR Eight-Zero flew as cover for Dom and Pvt.Samantha Byrne as they investigate a report of polyps near the reservoir. When they engaged of group of polyps there and lost their truck, Barber winched Sam and then Dom up from the ground to prevent them from being killed. After hauling them in, he began taking recon images of the polyps below. Stalks began to emerge from the ground below them, and Gettner ordered Barber to plot where they were on the map, since there were not supposed to be any fissures the stalks could come through nearby. Barber secured his camera and checked the charts, he discovered that Gettner was right, and informed her that the others that they were almost fifteen klicks away from the nearest fault line. They were all silent for a moment, until Barber said that that meant that the stalks could come up anywhere on Vectes. Dom said that it did not matter anymore what they did or where they went to run from the Lambent, they were not going to be safe.[29]

Collapse of the COGEdit

Third Battle of New JacintoEdit

"They've scattered everywhere. It's not all polyps. We've got fuck knows what coming out of the pods, too."
— Barber, reporting to Marcus on what he could see from the air

Three months later, the COG was collapsing under the constant attacks by Lambent, and the abandonment and disappearance of Prescott, causing Hoffman, Trescu, and Captain Quentin Michaelson to begin preparations to evacuate Vectes. Barber and Gettner took Rossi to scout Anvil Gate for a possible relocation point, and Barber took recon images of the fort.[30] After returning to Vectes, Gettner began spending all her time in the cockpit of KR Eight-Zero, waiting to be called into action, forcing Barber to stay with her. They played cards to pass the time, eventually getting so good no one else could beat them. When Mathieson reported that tremors had been detected on the north perimeter, Barber and Gettner got KR Eight-Zero into the air in record time and began flying over New Jacinto, ready to help wherever Lambent emerged. When stalks popped up in the middle of the city, Barber opened fire on the polyps and mutated creatures that poured out of them. Gettner told civilians to get out of the firing zone using the Ravens bullhorn, and Barber used one of the door guns to cover Delta-One and other Gears as they engaged the Lambent. He contacted Marcus and told him that there were a lot more Lambent than just polyps, and that hundreds of them were emerging all over the base. When the mass of Lambent Delta was facing was reduced to a manageable size, Marcus told Barber to help other units out.[31]

Flooding of PelruanEdit

"If we shoot one of those little assholes, we might ignite the gas."
— Barber, watching thousands of polyps emerge from the Imulsion filled Pelruan

A couple of weeks later, preparations for the evacuation were almost done, but Marcus and Dom had gone to Pelruan with retired Cpl.Frederic Benten to recover the plaques from the Pendulum Wars memorial there. However, the town began sinking in an emerging Imulsion field, and Barber and Gettner picked up Baird and Cole to head there and rescue them. When they flew over the Imulsion field the Gorasni were working at, Barber was surprised to see that they were still drilling and extracting Imulsion, and thought they should be packing up to leave. When they reached the town, they saw it had been completely flooded with Imulsion and mud, and Barber spotted Marcus, Dom, and Benten waiting with their Packhorse on a still intact piece of land. Gettner told him to get the Gears first, and then he and Baird could go down and retrieve the Packhorse. Barber winched Benten up, but before he could get the others, polyps began emerging out from the Imulsion. Gettner told him to forget the Packhorse, and Barber warned everyone not to shoot any or they might ignite the Imulsion, and quickly winched up Marcus and Dom. Baird wanted to retrieve the Packhorse, but Barber and Gettner ignored him. As soon as everyone was safely aboard, they flew to a safe distance, and saw that there were hundreds of thousands of polyps emerging. They realized they needed to do something to stop them from overwhelming the whole island, so Marcus grabbed a Longspear and fired into the polyps, setting off a massive chain reaction that killed many of them.[32]

KR Eight-Zero

Nat firing the door gun of KR-80 at a group of polyps.

Battle of GerrenhaltEdit

"You'll be lucky. We're just too damn spread out now."
— Barber to Gettner after she asked if he thought they could get to Gerrenhalt in twenty minutes

Two months later, Vectes had been evacuated, and Barber and Gettner joined the rapid response force that was based on the CNV Sovereign that protected the COG settlements on shore. When word arrived that the settlement at Gerrenhalt was under attack, Barber and Gettner prepared KR Eight-Zero to take Delta-One to assist. Gettner wondered if they could reach the town in fifteen minutes, but he told her they would be lucky to do so, and that they were far too spread out now to protect all the COG settlements. When they arrived, they found Gears defending a choke point, and Barber opened fire on the horde of polyps. Once the battle was over, Barber and Gettner flew Delta back to the Sovereign.[33]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Crimson Omen
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Bernadette Mataki considered Barber to be an "open and honest soul". He and Gill Gettner often provided a lot of back and forth banter to keep Gears entertained, but began having to force it soon after the Lambent Pandemic began.[34] Barber was able to speak some Gorasni.[35]



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