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Nassar Embry UE
Nassar Embry
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Before the Pendulum Wars

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Before Emergence Day

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  • Founder of the COG
"We only achieve unity through order."
— Nassar Embry, the Allfather Prime

Nassar Embry was the Allfather Prime and founder of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.[1] He used Alexiy Desipich's political ideology and concepts of Socialism, and would lead the COG into becoming a world superpower.


Nassar Embry's Armor

Nassar Embry's original armor.

Being the Allfather Prime for the COG, his namesake was used throughout the Coalition; the Embry Star is taken from his last name, while Timgad East has a park[2] named after him. Embry Province also used his last name. His armor would be later placed inside the Museum of Military Glory.[3] Multiple portraits of him would also be hung on display inside the House of Sovereigns, most of them still being relatively undamaged during the Lightmass Offensive.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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