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"The kids are at my mother's, so we have the whole day to ourselves!"
— Maria to Dom on Emergence Day after sending the kids to her mother's

Mrs. Flores was the mother of Maria Flores and wife of Mr. Flores.


Raising Her FamilyEdit

Mrs. Flores moved to Ephrya, the same neighborhood as the Santiago Family.[1] Her daughter, Maria, became fast friends with the youngest son of the Santiago Family, Dominic Santiago, the two dating a few years later. Mrs. Flores was shocked when she discovered that Maria had gotten pregnant by Dom,[2] and the two were married soon after. After Benedicto was born, she desperately wanted to help, but Maria intended to be independent and take care of her young son by herself.[3]

Death on E-DayEdit

On Emergence Day, Maria organised for their children to be looked after by her parents - an unfortunate date as Mrs. and Mr. Flores, Benedicto and Sylvia were killed during the E-day attacks. Mrs. Flores; along with her husband; was buried at Mercy.[4]


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