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The city of Montevado had many Stranded Camps, although by the time of the Mission to Montevado there were only two left.


Mission to MontevadoEdit

Due too Montevados' location and the proximity of Jacinto City, it was safer than most other places for the Stranded. However, Montevado became a target for Skorge during the Locust Counterattack against the COG following the Lightmass Offensive. Most of the Stranded, except for two small groups, were killed by the packs of Wretches that ravaged the city. The first camp had only three survivors and the second camp had only six.[1][2]. After Montevado was sunk by the Riftworm, only the camp of six survived. They were rescued by King Ravens when Delta-One was extracted from the city's ruins.[2]

Known ResidentsEdit


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