Monroe Commons (Chapter) is the fourth chapter of the second act in Gears of War: Judgment.


You start exiting the labs. Now your JACK bot, named Troy, will guide you through the Academy to wards the exit and you need to protect it. Walk upstairs and you'll find the Declassified Mission at your right.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Cadet Hendrick alleged that Kilo's support bot was attacked repeatedly by Nemacysts."

If you activate the Declassified Mission your bot will be attacked from all sides by Nemacysts, you'll have to destroy them at a distance.

Get out of the room and you'll find a Mulcher along with a Sawed-Off Shotgun at your right, move towards the hall and head to the door. The bot will suddenly will freeze, meaning that enemies are heading towards your position, Wretches and Tickers will attack you, followed by several Drones using grappling hooks. Take them down before they destroy the robot. After fending off the first wave the robot will start opening the door but will again freeze up and you'll have to fend off another wave.

After clearing the hall several Nemacyst will come through the windows and attack your bot, take them down before they cause any trouble. After this the bot opens the door and you're on open ground so be careful and watch out for traps. There'll be an automatic sentry at your left, you should carry it with you and put it where it can lay fire to the Nemacyst or the Locust.

Nemacyst and Drones will attack from all sides, with Boomers coming in occasionally. Close all E-Holes and destroy all Locust anyway you can. After fending off the aggressors a King Raven will be heard at the comms channel but it will be taken down by the Locust. You'll find it later in the game, walk to the door and the chapter ends.


At the hall there's a COG Tag. Head towards the left side at the burning room, the COG Tag will be at the left side of the table.


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