Monro Alleyn
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  • Psychiatrist for the Slab

Doctor Monro Alleyn was a consultant psychiatrist for the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison.


Examining Marcus FenixEdit

"Fenix won't cooperate, end of story."
— Alleyn, after interviewing Marcus

Eleven years after Emergence Day, Alleyn interviewed disgraced Gear Marcus Fenix after he was sentenced to the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison for dereliction of duty to determine if he was sane or not. Alleyn concluded that Marcus knew exactly how to hide if he had snapped or not, believing that he knew exactly what answers to give to appear sane and seem fine. Alleyn noted this was typical of his upper class social group, presenting a stoic emotional front to hide what he truly felt, but noted that he was sure Marcus wanted to be punished for what he perceived as his failure to his comrades and the disgrace he brought to his name and regiment. Alleyn guessed that being declared insane and getting set free as a civilian would be an even greater punishment in Marcus' eyes, and noted that this attitude was typical of Tyran Gears. He was curious who a Carlos was that kept popping up during the interview, and sent his findings and questions to the Judge Advocate's office and a copy to the office of Chairman Richard Prescott.[1]


  1. Gears of War: The Slab pg 207

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