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Molotov Cocktail
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Incendiary Grenade

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A molotov cocktail was an improvised incendiary device used by soldiers during the Pendulum Wars and Stranded during the Stranded Insurgency.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Battle of RaganiEdit

During the Battle of Ragani, in the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars, Lt. Helena Stroud made several molotovs for use against Indie Pariah Tanks. Cpt. Adam Fenix and Cpl. Collins threw two of these molotovs into a Pariah tank's air vent, lighting it on fire from the inside and disabling the vehicle.[1]

Locust WarEdit

Stranded Raid on PelruanEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Stranded insurgents raided Pelruan, setting several houses on fire with molotov cocktails.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit


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