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Private Mo Morris was a former Stranded who joined Operation Lifeboat so his family could be safe, but had to fight for the Coalition of Ordered Governments army. He took part in Operation: Hollow Storm.



As a Stranded, Morris was married to Miranda Beth, and had several boys. He signed up for Operation Lifeboat so the Coalition of Ordered Governments would take care of his family, and became a Assault Derrick driver. His wife and children were very proud of him at first, but as the war grew worse, worried constantly about his safety.[1]

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

Morris took part in Operation: Hollow Storm. He drove Rig D14 during the Assault on Landown.[2]

Letters from his wifeEdit

Life here in Jacinto's good, You gotta see where we're shacking up now - No more rat infested tents for the Morris Clan. We got four walls and 3 squares a day. Me and the boys are so proud of you joined up with COG. They go around talking about how brave you are to all the other kids. Is the Derricks harder to drove than tractors? We miss you bunches.
Be Safe
Miranda Beth

The boys slept through the whole night last night. Not a single nightmare. You know its been ages since that's happen. Everyday they ask about you and when your're coming back. They're still proud as sunshine of what you're doing and being part of Operation Lifeboat. We're missing more than you can believe so get back here and safe and don't you go be a hero jumping on grenades or pushing people outta harms way.
Miranda Beth

I can't take it no more, I worry every night. We fell the tremors and hear the fighting in the distance. I'm right convince every knock on the door is gonna be some military man telling me you're dead. Just last week. They sunk Tollen, The whole damn city. The boys are now sleeping with me every night. You have to come back. We need you.
You belong here.
Miranda Beth


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