Battle of Ilima


Siege of Nexus

Mission to New Hope Research Facility
NHWF Front

1st Frost, 14 A.E.[1]


New Hope Research Facility


COG strategic victory


COGFlag Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust symbol Locust Horde

New Hope Security

  • Unknown
  • New Hope Security System
  • Sires
  • None
  • Most of the Locust troops
  • All Sires
  • Security system disabled
  • AI shut down
"I hope no one believes in ghosts."
— Cpl. Damon Baird after Delta arrives at New Hope.

The Mission to New Hope Research Facility was reconnaissance mission assigned to Delta Squad in order to discover information on the location of a Locust stronghold. It began when Chairman Prescott declassified documents detailing the location of the complex and sent Delta a Centaur Tank. Other details about the facility remained classified meaning that even Colonel Hoffman and Command knew nothing about its purpose.


After the sinking of Ilima, the COG realized they did not have sufficient intel on the Locust stronghold to make Operation Hollow Storm a success. After declassifying documents on the New Hope Research Facility, Command gave Delta Squad a Centaur Tank and dispatched them to the location, believing that it may contain vital information on where to find the stronghold.

Arriving at New HopeEdit

After reaching the facility and finding it run-down and abandoned, Cole and Baird stayed behind to guard the Centuar while Marcus and Dom entered the complex. They encountered a semi-sentient AI system controlling the security, and after bypassing the security door, they had to find ways around laser turrets whilst dealing with Wretches that had somehow gotten inside. After reaching the main computer terminal and downloading data relating to Mount Kadar, they found that they had unknowingly awakened the dormant subjects still inside the complex.

The Sires and the Locust ambushEdit

As biogenetically mutated creatures known as Sires broke out of their Stasis tanks, they went on a rampage and attacked Delta Squad. Delta were forced to destroy all the subjects in order to escape. After disabling the rampant AI system, Delta Squad were ambushed by Locust forces as a Razorhail storm broke out. Fighting their way through the storm, Marcus and Dom encountered a surprisingly large amount of resistance considering the remote location of the complex. They managed to reach the Centaur just as the Razorhail subsided, protecting it from Reavers whilst Baird carried out repairs. Once fixed, Delta was able to escape as a swarm of Reavers descended on the site.


The mission was an important strategic victory for the COG. The information retrieved from New Hope led Delta Squad to Mount Kadar, where they found an entrance into the Locust capital, Nexus. Once they were deep enough, they were able set off JACK's beacon, guiding a second wave of Grindlifts into the Hollow and triggering the Siege of Nexus. During the three-way battle, the COG discovered something that could potentially wipe out the Locust Horde once and for all.



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