Battle of Anvil Gate


Mission to Halvo Bay

Mission to Mercy

17 A.E.



  • Failure to recover a fuel source
  • Discovery of new Lambent lifeforms (Formers)
  • Dominic Santiago sacrifices himself to save the rest of Delta
  • None
  • None

The Mission to Mercy was a mission that took place in 17 A.E., 18 months after the Sinking of Jacinto. The mission was carried out by Marcus Fenix and his squadron made up of Dominic Santiago, Anya Stroud, Samantha Byrne, Dizzy Wallin and Jace Stratton in the search for fuel for their vehicles. The mission became more complicated with the discovery of a new threat to humans: Lambent Humans.



During the Attack on the Sovereign, Chairman Richard Prescott returned with news that Adam Fenix was still alive and had a way to stop the Lambent and the Locust. After decoding A2897 at Anvil Gate, it was determined that to reach the island of Azura they would need a submarine and fuel for it so a mission to the Imulsion refinery town of Mercy was undertaken.

Journey to MercyEdit

Sergeant Marcus Fenix, Lieutenant Anya Stroud, Corporal Dominic Santiago, Corporal Jace Stratton, Private Dizzy Wallin and Private Samantha Byrne take off for Mercy in two Packhorses and a fuel tanker. Driving on a highway that has turned into an Imulsion field, Delta encounters Reavers that they have to use Vulcan Cannons to fend off, particularly as they land in the road in order to safely continue. The convoy is eventually forced off the road and in order to continue, they have to destroy three old Imulsion pipelines. Soon afterwards, Delta finds a field of Corpser eggs and Corpser hatchlings and must fend them off, killing many. Delta encounters the Corpser mother, but drives right by her after blinding her. A juvenile Corpser attacks the truck Jace is driving, but he runs it over. Arriving at Concord Air Base, Dizzy smashes through a roadblock, but Delta has to face many more with Savage Drones as well as Troikas. Delta makes it through them, destroying or bypassing most, but overshoot the base's runway and become trapped in sand. While they try to get out, they come under attack from Savage Drones, Bloodmounts and more Reavers. Delta kills them all and the trucks eventually get free. However, they come under fire from more Troikas and roadblocks and have to face a Brumak. Slinging razor wire between the two Packhorses, Delta decapitates the Brumak and escapes the Locust onslaught. However, the Imulsion tanker ends up with a lot of holes in it as a result of the Locust attack.

Search for FuelEdit

Delta arrives at Mercy to find it empty which confuses them as Dizzy told them it was full of people recently and no one abandons a fuel depot for no reason. With no fuel being fed to the pumps, Marcus, Anya, Sam and Dom go off looking for the switch to turn back on the Imulsion pipeline. Following the pipeline, Delta is shocked to find it rigged with three explosives which they quickly disarm. After they disarm the third explosive, an old man yells at them not to, saying there's some kind of epidemic and he doesn't want to turn into something but he runs off before he can explain what he's talking about. Following the old man into the sewers, Delta finds his body and begins a cautious search for what killed him. Finding what appears to be a Stranded woman crying, Delta goes to help her only to find out to their horror that she has turned Lambent. A massive wave of Lambent Humans attacks and Delta is forced to fight them off. Fighting through waves of Formers, Delta reaches the surface once again and warn Dizzy about the threat and that they must find a way to prevent the Formers from escaping and spreading. While Dizzy understands, he warns them that they still need the fuel for the submarine. Reaching the town hall, a Stranded calls out a warning about more Formers and Delta, using a Vulcan Cannon to help, has to fight off a massive wave of Formers. Finally, with all the Lambent dead, the Stranded man lowers a ladder and helps Delta into the town hall. Inside, the man explains that it starts off as some kind of sickness that's worse than Rustlung and mutates people into Formers. Before he can explain more, Formers break into the town hall and kill the Stranded and a sick friend of his. Delta fights off the Formers and fights their way to the church where the pipeline has been rerouted to. While the others work to get the pipeline working again, Dom visits his family's grave to say a final goodbye to his dead wife before helping Marcus reactivate the pipeline by giving him his commando knife to move a rusty lever. Marcus then contacts Dizzy to let him know that they got the fuel moving again and to fill up the Imulsion tanker. The rumbling of the pipeline attracts more Formers and Delta has to fight off another massive wave. With the Formers gone, Delta makes their way through the caverns beneath the church to return to the fuel station. Along the way, Dizzy contacts Marcus to inform him that the fuel truck has taken too much damage and is leaking Imulsion. Without time to fix it, Marcus orders Dizzy and Jace to abandon the tanker and get to the Packhorse.

The Fuel StationEdit

Reaching a roof near the fuel station, Delta comes under attack from Savage Drones and Savage Boomers and ends up cut-off from Dizzy and Jace. Delta holds off the Savage Locust forces at first, even as they scale the roof, but Formers start attacking from behind. As Delta deals with them too, three Lambent Stalks appear and release massive amounts of Lambent Drones. Delta does their best to hold off the Locust and the Lambent, but are severely outnumbered and come close to being overrun. An explosion drops a bridge between two rooftops, allowing most of Delta to escape to a different roof, but Dom is cut-off when another stalk pops up in his way and destroys the bridge. Running out of ammunition and with his friends in mortal danger, Dom spots the fuel truck and comes up with a plan. Ordering the rest of Delta to jump from the roof, Dom jumps himself, disconnects the cab of the truck from its tanks and drives off down a tunnel, causing Marcus to think he's abandoning them and demand to know what he's doing. Dom orders him to jump then turns around and drives straight into the fuel tanker, causing a massive explosion that kills him and destroys everything around it as Delta moves to safety. The explosion destroys the stalks and most if not all of the Lambent and Locust forces. Any surviving Locust quickly retreat from the battlefield.


With the Locust and Lambent forces destroyed by Dom's sacrifice, Marcus desperately tries to reach his friend, but Anya prevents him, saving him from another explosion and telling him mournfully that its too late and there's nothing they can do to save Dom. Anya reminds him that Dom would want them to move on and rescue his father who could hold the key to ending the war. Marcus, seeing the truth of this, agrees and Delta leaves Mercy to head to Char to try to get fuel there. Marcus is left devastated by Dom's sacrifice and this and the later death of his father leave him wondering what he has left to live for.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Mission to Mercy takes place from Act 3, Chapter 3 through Act 3, Chapter 5 in Gears of War 3.
  • Gary Jules song "Mad World" plays in the background during the result of the explosion from Dom's sacrifice. It was likely put in to emphasis his death and feel the impact of Dom's death to Marcus and maybe the player as well. The same song was also used in the first Gears of War teaser trailer.


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