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"I'm staying put. That damn stuff might even reach the naval base before it touches us."
— Miriam, refusing to evacuate from Pelruan

Miriam was a citizen of Pelruan.


Refusing to EvacuateEdit

When a contaminated dead zone caused by the Lambent was spotted near Pelruan and was believed to be advancing towards the town, the Coalition of Ordered Governments instituted a voluntary evacuation from the town. Miriam and several other civilians cornered Lt.Anya Stroud and Sgt.Marcus Fenix outside of the town hall and began asked questions about the evacuation, fearing they would be moved by force. She told them that she refused to live in tents at Vectes Naval Base, and that she would prefer taking her chances in Pelruan. Sgt.Drew Rossi, who she was friendly with, arrived, and told Miriam that there was plenty of room at the base, and that SSgt.Lennard Parry believed they could move the wooden houses in Pelruan to VNB. Miriam asked how long that would take, and if they had enough time to do so, why they were asking people to evacuate. Anya said they weren't going to force her, but that they didn't have any idea about what the contamination might do next. Miriam told them again that she would stay put, and that the contamination might even reach VNB before it got to Pelruan.[1]


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