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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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"Diz, are they aliens or something? How did they get here? Did they land? I mean, I know everyone's saying they came out of holes in the ground- but how come we've never seen them before?"
— Milos, trying to figure out where the Locust came from

Milos was an engineer aboard the Betancourt Star.


Emergance DayEdit

Six weeks after the Armistice between the UIR and COG was signed, the Betancourt Star was entering the port city of Porta Ogari when they received word the city was under attack from an unknown enemy that had emerged from the ground, along with many other cities all across Sera. The Star was diverted to Cape Aelis, and Milos headed to the engine room to make sure the generators were okay. His fellow engineer Dizzy Wallin joined him, and Milos wondered if the attackers were aliens that had landed, because he didn't think that a whole new species of something could just come out of nowhere.[1] After reaching Cape Aelis, Captain Robb Arden told Milos and the rest of the crew to leave the ship and get to their homes the best they could to find their families.[2]


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