Milon Audley
Biographical information


Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day, "past retirement age"[1]

Date of death


Physical description and equipment

Attorney General





Chronological and political information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Attorney General Milon Audley was the highest ranking lawyer in the Coalition and a member of Chairman Prescott's cabinet.


Announcement of DestructionEdit

One year after Emergence Day, Audley was well past retirement age, and grieving over his missing brother.[2] He was called to a meeting with Chairman Richard Prescott, Adam Fenix, Gen. Bardry Salaman, and Col. Victor Hoffman. Prescott asked Audley if he had the legal power to place the Fortification Act in effect by himself, which Audley heistantly answered yes to. After getting a military assessment from Salaman and Hoffman, Prescott told them he intended to use the Hammer of Dawn. With his part in the meeting done, Audley sat quietly listening to Fenix argue against it until Prescott dismissed him, and told him to prepare the legal documents for the Fortification Act and the Hammer of Dawn counterattack.[3] He died sometime after this.[4]


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