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Reeve was an inmate who was ordered by the Slab staff to watch over Marcus Fenix. Reeve stood by Marcus the four years he had spent in prison. Unfortunately, Reeve's outcome is never known.

After the facility is overrun by baby Corpsers and Wretches, the staff and inmates forget their differences and plan a way to stay alive. Wretches had been getting into the facility from an unknown location. Marcus and Reeve go to investigate and stumble across a hollow wall with an old elevator shaft, with the elevator missing. Marcus climbs down the cables to investigate and soon finds the source from which the wretches are crawling in from. While Reeve is watching Marcus, the cell door to the wing is shut and automatically deadbolts. Marcus, assuming it is Campell, one of the prison guards with a grudge against him, starts to yell and plead to let Reeve go, as he is innocent in their feud. As the small hatch opens on the door, a Drone is revealed to have shut the door and rams his weapon through the hole and begins to fire blindly, laughing the entire time. Meanwhile, Marcus can hear Wretches climbing up the elevator shaft and explains to Reeve that locking themselves away in the remaining cells that cannot be opened from the either side without keys and starving to death was a preferable outcome to being torn to shreds by Wretches. Reeve spent the majority of his life behind those bars and refused to ever get behind one again. Reeve quickly shoved Marcus into a cell and locked it, apologizing for what he was about to do. Marcus screamed for him to lock himself away but Reeve's mind was set. Reeve checked what was left of his ammo, ran to the opening in the wall, and took aim down the elevator shaft with the pistol. He dropped a few Wretches that were climbing up, and climbed down the shaft and disappeared. One hour later, Dominic Santiago arrived to free Marcus from the prison.