Miles Carver
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16 A.E.

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"I cringe every time the dude call us "employees", like we're still drawing a wage and health benefits. He acts like he cares, but tell that to all the guys we've lost carrying out his orders."
— Carver, expressing his thoughts on Griffin

Miles Carver was a Stranded who worked for Aaron Griffin.


Carver worked for former Imulsion tycoon Aaron Griffin in the city of Char sixteen years after Emergence Day. He was stationed in Griffin Tower with most of Griffin's people, while the rest worked at an Imulsion factory on the other side of the city. When the cable car didn't return from the refinery with the next batch of Imulsion, Griffin began to get anxious. Carver wrote in his journal that he figured that Griffin wanted to send out a search-and-rescue team for the fuel, because he doubted Griffin actually cared about his people despite what he said. He noticed the others were looking at him like he was the walking dead, and figured he was going to be the one Griffin sent out, and Carver feared he would get killed by the Lambent that were emerging all over the city. He wondered if the Coalition of Ordered Governments was still conscripting, because he figured it had to be safer than working for Griffin. Carver's fears were proven right, and Griffin sent him to make his way across the city to find out why the refinery crew hadn't sent the shipment. Carver was killed by the Lambent, and his journal was later recovered by Sgt. Marcus Fenix.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

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